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The Exhibition: A Quick Walkthrough

Inevitably, there have been many yelps of delight at the sight of the original Thin Lizzy sign that graces the entrance area (one of three in existence, one of which has pride of place in Metallica HQ). Another photo-op for camera-wielding fans is the giant black and white image from the seminal Sydney Opera House show – a stunning depiction of Lizzy in their prime.

As well as being an international superstar Philip was also a son, a friend and much more. The first room of the Creative Space gives visitors an opportunity for a more personal exploration through postcards, letters and lyrics and provides a wonderful overview of Lynott’s early life in the Dublin he loved so much.

A hot-talking point here is the sensor-operated flat-screen, which houses five of Philip’s hand-written lyric books – a great insight into the artistic mind.

There is fanatastic detail in the Year In The Life of a Band section, while the Thin Lizzy: Playing It By Year section takes fans right through the band’s career and Philip Lynott’s, covering solo outings and side projects, as well as various comings and goings in personnel. Plus there’s a brilliant Family Tree which gives an at-a-glance insight into the origins and spin-offs of the Thin Lizzy juggernaut.

The record room is a vinyl-anorak’s dream, housing all Lizzy albums and 12 inches, plus rare releases and solo fare. Highlights include one of the original pressings of debut single ‘The Farmer’, the Funky Junction Plays Tribute To Deep Purple album (Lizzy with Elmer Fudd singer Bennie White on vocals) and 17 versions of ‘Whiskey In The Jar’!

Along the way there are posters from loads of the big Thin Lizzy gigs, original artwork, magazine covers – including the legendary first cover of Hot Press from 1977 – show tickets (with misspellings intact!) and promotional material…

Musos will savour the opportunity to view three of Philip’s basses and the Gibson and Gretsch guitars he used in his later career, in all their glory. Lynott was always a dapper dresser so fans of his unique style will swoon at the detail on one of his favourite shirts (hand-stitched by Ferga Murray, wife of tour manager Frank) and the coat he dons in the beloved ‘Old Town’ video. Tour jackets from over the years are also gathered here.

In the screening room visitoors can view some celeb fans introducing some of his best-known tracks. Also provided for your viewing pleasure is a 15-min short which features Bono, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Eric Bell, Damien Dempsey, Imelda May and a host of others talking about Philip. And on the touch screen units you can access each of these interviews in full length and see a host of rare music videos.

All this and much more is currently on display in Stephens Green Shopping Centre. It is a must for all musicians and fans of rock music.

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Click on picture above to see more shots from the exhibition

Click on picture above to see more shots from the exhibition launch

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