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Naoka Yamashita, Howth, Dublin

Victor Cito Borge, Norway
"You're the reason I started to play bass! To this day, 35 years later, I'm still playing."

Aíne Connor, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo
"Very moving to see all his stuff. His guitar case makes it so real. Wow…"

Sam & Sinead McGuirrin, Howth, Dublin
"Stylish – just like himself!"

Giancarlo Gumini, Italy
"From Thin Lizzy to…U2!"

Juha Kyronen, Finland
"Thin Lizzy fan since 1976"

Nick Hetherington, Kildare
"Never far from my thoughts. Still an inspiration – both for lyrics and bass"

Mick Garvin, Castlebar, Co.Mayo
"Brilliant – knocked 30 years off my age"

Christophe Geslin, Toulouse, France
"Belle Expo, magnifiques souvenirs"

Cathleen Lynott , England
"I found out things I didn't know, some things I had forgotten and enjoyed the experience profoundly!"

Sarah Lynott, England
"Thank you for helping me remember my Daddy"

Monica Lynott, Dublin
"Thank you…you have brought a little bit of him back to us!"

Caroline T, UK
"Memorable, impressive and moving. Thank you."

Peril, Sweden
"Greetings from Sweden, your spirit lives on!"

Cathal Sweeney, Co.Louth
"A great tribute to a true legend"

Lindsay Wright, England
"We are all so thrilled & so grateful to Hot Press for organising this fantastic long awaited tribute to the wonderful star that was & is Philip P Lynott! Thanks on behalf of ALL of us!"

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