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Brush Shiels
"Magnificent, majestic, almost mystical... it truly captures Phil's spirit."

Jim Fitzpatrick, artist and friend of Philip Lynott
"It’s a wonderful tribute to Philip. I’m very impressed. It’s magnificent. Come along and see it!"

Marty Pellow, former Wet Wet Wet star
"I love the cabinets and the depth of field they give the guitars, because you usually don't get to see the back of them. So you get to see the whole juxtaposition between the guitars. And I love how the managers have kept the receipts – all the big bar bills! It's brilliant. I think it’s a great exhibition – especially the bronze-work. And some of the artwork that's been commissioned is great."

Paul Charles, one of Europe's leading music agents
"I really enjoyed the exhibition. I found it very comprehensive, interesting, classy, poignant, well laid-out in a perfect space – and it fair warmed my heart that the great man can still pull a crowd."

Peter Fallon, poet and friend of Philip Lynott
"I was taken by surprise by the reach and range of the show – a credit to all of us who are hoarders! – and by how moving it was to see and remember such joys and achievements. Though it's a memorial tribute, there was a life in that space. Hats off to those who assembled it! It was fascinating to look at this exhibition through the eyes of my eighteen-year-old daughter. She knew the great songs, of course, but she kept repeating, 'I didn't know he was so beautiful'. I guess I always did. It's a goodness to have this confirmation and reminder."

Terry O’Neill, Thin Lizzy’s first manager
"I loved it. Congratulations to everyone who put it together. It’s great."

Dave Heffernan, maker of the legendary 'Old Town' video
"I had a quick look around and found it thought-provoking and moving. I’m looking forward to spending more time there during the week."

Frank Murray, former Thin Lizzy road manager
"It’s a brilliant exhibition. It’s an incredible achievement. Phil would love it… love it! So a big thanks is due to Hot Press and everybody involved in putting it together."

Noel McHale, promoter (MCD)
"It's just beautiful, It'll be very emotional for the hard core Lizzy fan looking at the black coat he wore in the 'Old Town' video, the guitars – and even the 'Where's Gus' tour jacket! It's a really great exhibition."

Fran Quigley, boss of CAVS
"I thought it was excellent in every way... The detail is amazing. I brought my son and daughter and they had a ball checking out all the displays. I was most happy and proud to have been there at such an event – and I’m sure Philip would agree."

Smiley Bolger, founder Vibe For Philo
"Anybody who has an interest in Philip should see it"

Gus Curtis, Philip Lynott's friend and driver
"I was so impressed at the huge effort that had gone into the whole project. As a personal friend of Philip, this exhibition brought back many happy memories and it reminds us of what a hugely creative guy he was, and what a huge influence he had in bringing Ireland to the fore in the world of rock."

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